Thursday, 15 August 2013

Obeachuary (Beachy Head Obeachuary)

Frantically cartographers must realign their charts
As Beachy Head commits a most ironic suicide
Geologists must dig for answers deep within their hearts
What is it that knocks a famous headland off its stride?
They haven’t found a note yet from the kamikaze cliff
But topographic analysts will rationalise its end
Gloomsday pundits will begin to splutter out “What if
This is but the first sign of a worrying future trend”
The ocean will immerse itself in drowning’s salty oil
The air will suffocate - a Sainsbury’s bag pulled o'er its head
The earth will bury all it is beneath this mortal soil
And Mother Nature ends it all as green fields turn to red
The elements are rampant claiming periodic spoils
Ropes turn into nooses and play hangman to their threads
Lava spills on its own skin, which bubbles up in boils
Pots of pills take overdoses then die in their beds
Razors slash their handles and bleed their blades bone dry
Balconies jump off themselves and shatter noiselessly
Guns turn upon their chambers, blow their barrels 6 miles high
Ovens try to gas themselves and set their food smells free
On our spinning garden in the corner of the sky
A little piece of Sussex throws itself into the sea

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